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Hurricane Ike Recovery   Stern Tube Bearing
Hurricane Ike Recovery   Rudder Stern Tube Bearing
Malin assisted the City of Galveston and various agencies including local, state and Federal in clean up (moving boats and debris from highways) and providing machinst assistance to restore city water to the community. Dispite the unprecedented storm surge, MISR was back in operation three days after the storm.   Stern Tube bearing was replaced in-water. Malin was able to remove the propeller and tail shaft in-water and complete the repair before any drydock was available, saving the owner weeks in off-hire time. The replacement bearing was rough-machined at the factory, and lin-bored by MISR.
Deadship Tow   Crane Turn Table Repair
Deadship Tow   Crane Turn Table Repair
Malin was contracted to undertake all of the pre-tow condition repairs and preparations and engage an ocean tug, managing the entire project from start to finish.   Malin frequently repairs jib booms on vessel cargo cranes as well as the electrical systems, hydraulic systems and mechanical components.
Pipe Laying Reel Repair   Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)
Pipe Laying Reel Repair   Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)
Malin was contracted to assist a major offshore well services company with repairs and alterations to a large offshore pipe lay vessel with a strict time line to begin its next project. When the customer's contractor had difficulty with welding certifications and weld quality, Malin was able to step up and provide welders able to correct all of the bad welding and quality issues and restore the vessel to operating condition within the customer's time requirements.   Malin International Ship Repair & Drydock, Inc. was engaged by a major chemical tanker operator to remove and repair a controllable pitch propeller. The job was done in-water, and completed before a drydock would have been available, saving the owner weeks of off-hire time. The rudder was removed and the tail shaft drawn. The CPP was transported to MISR's shop and overhauled.
Auxillary Generator Replacement   Bulbous Bow Repair
Auxillary Generator Replacement   Bulbous Bow Repair
Malin was contracted by a major crude tanker operator to remove a failed generator engine block aboard an Aframax crude tanker and install the new block in position as well as provide a hull insert and heavy rigging, using Malin's 150 ton mobile crane.   Malin was contracted by a chemicial tanker operator whose vessel has suffered a collision. The vessel's bulbous bow was crushed and required substantial replacement of shaped hill plating. Malin was able to complete this job within the allotted time and to the original specifications without removing the vessel from the water. By using Malin's inventory of class approved plate, the job was started over a weekend and saved the owner days of off-hire.
Pressure Vessel Repair, Recertification, Alteration and Fabrication    
Pressure Vessel Repair, Recertification, and Fabrication    
Malin routinely manufactures (and can provide design) pressure vessels, alters and repairs in out modern shop. Malin's welders are certified and completely reliable.    
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Our capabilities include, but are not limited to modifications, topside repair, staging, installation, modular fabrication, as well as sea fastening, and mobilization/ demobilization on everything from supply boats and deep sea vessels to semi-submersible and jack-up rigs.
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