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At Malin International Ship Repair & Drydock, we ensure minimum downtime for vessels under repair through our 24 hour a day, seven days per week shifts. Throughout our welding facilities and our machine shop, our employees are experienced in all phases if marine work.

Our shop has an ongoing safety program which includes training in OSHA and client safety regulations. Through our experienced shipyard personnel, we can quickly and efficiently respond to topside repair needs on everything from supply boats to deep sea vessels. At Malin International Ship Repair, our experienced supervisors and certified welding crews are able to perform piping installation, equipment setting / alignment and electrical work for the marine industry.

With over 26,000 square feet of covered work area, our main yard contains a fabrication shop, machine shop, mechanic's shop, blast/paint building, and warehouse. Our Machine Shop offers an extensive selection of equipment, including engine lathes, milling machines, drilling and tool grinders capable of manufacturing all size parts up to 60 inches in diameter and shafts up to 30 feet long.

We offer services to industrial and commercial businesses in the Houston/Galveston region. With our own pier in the Port of Galveston and access to all Port public piers, MISR can accommodate your planned and emergency repair needs.  MISR welders are class approved and we boast approved class welding procedures for almost any requirement. We have shop and field welding machines, procedures, and certified welders for SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW, brazing, arc-gouging and plasma cutting. 

Our teams are equipped for mobile service, whether within the Port of Galveston, Houston, or anywhere on the Gulf Coast.  In addition, our teams are available for offshore repair or riding crews.

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Tel : (409) 740-3314
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